Our Approach

We are a Mandalorian Mercenary force. I’m sure you can figure out our approach yourself.

Meet the Command Team

Chieftain Jungaros Gaanla

Clan Gaanla Chief

This Guy is about as cuddly as a Adult rancor in a spice infused Craze.


Web Master. / Enforcer

   He flies around in his Ship shooting People Down,Just for their parts.

Body parts, or ship parts. Your guess is as good as ours.


Fleet Logistics

He plays with Salaac’s for fun. Calling him masochistic is an insult to masochists everywhere.


Morale Officer

He’s the guy from down under. Though most people who come across him  end up six feet under……..


Events Coordinator

The Best Event Planer in the Galaxy.

But for her events you better bring a personal shield generator (or 3)

And a large supply off body bags.


Training Officer

He is the one who teaches how to play well with others,  From The business end of our blasters.

He has a higher confirmed kill count Than  Trandoshan Spot Pox.