how to setup and use a dual usb joystick in SWG

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how to setup and use a dual usb joystick in SWG

Post by praxxius » Wed Jan 30, 2019 10:54 pm

After a good talk with Jarek, and some programming fighting ect. i came up with this guide.

Using a dual USB joystick in SWG is a bit of a pain. Its doable. but takes some extra tools. I personally run the Saitek x56 using Windows10.
first download Vjoy From this link: ... weblink.go

once it is saved right click and run Vjoy installer as administrator.

It may act like it Isn't finishing. I've had this problem. After a couple minutes just close it. it will say finished it.
hit your windows key. you should now have 3 new tools.


Vjoy Feeder <demo>
VjoyDevise list
Vjoy configuration tool

Run the configuration tool. click on a single one of the boxes along the top. i recommend using 8 or above so tyour system dosen't confuse it with a physical stick system. i used number 9.


then in the boxes select which axis your joystick has, the number of POV, and number of buttons, and force feed back settings

that will tell our system that you have a new device with those settings. next download and install

now download Universal Controller Remapper from the following link:

UCR -This is where you tell your system what controller to use where.
first create a new profile. i called mine SWG. then double click your profile to start adding axis and buttons.

Under the devices tab you need to create an input device group. I called mine retor gaming as this is my primary purpose.
And then add the device, or devices you want to use listed under SharpDX_dirrect input.
as you see i have many devices. a g25 wheel, a CSIO shift knob, Vjoy device<we created this> and my saitek stick and throttle.
for this you want to add the devise you are going to use to fly or drive. for this example add the saitek x56 throttle and stick as devices.
Then select the output devices. and select the Vjoy device number you created earlier. then close the window.


Next we will start mapping inputs

Double click your profile and the mapping screen should appear.
1-Under mapping type in the name of the axis or button you want to create. lets start with one named pitch Hit add.
2-Now select the device you want to use and program which axis you want to use. <mine in axes,y on the x56 saitek stick.>
3- up at the top of the screen in the middle is plugin. Select what function you want the selected axis or button to use. then click The drop down and select axis, button or slider you are going to use
4- now you should have a axis to axis or button to button programmable box. this is what tells the vjoy game where to send the info. for this example when i hit saitek x56 y stick and pull up <y axis> Vjoy stick 9 uses its y axis to pull up.
repeat this process as needed.


mapping buttons,switches and sliders are the same. program the button. select button to button in the drop down. then which output you want vjoy to use.

Finally close the mapping window.
under profile. select your profile. click activate
and enter your game.

in game setting in the launcher select vjoy as your controller
and map controls as you want them.

On another note i found that when i got into SWG. My throttle was reading as my rotation. and inverted. My pitch was backwards, and my physical throttle was reading as my rotation. so go back into the mapping and edit as needed.

If you have any problems feel free to pm or mail me Praxxius.
or give me shout out on discord Praxxius#4270

hope that helps you guys out.

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