NEW ILM3 instll for dummyies <like me>

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NEW ILM3 instll for dummyies <like me>

Post by praxxius » Sat Jan 19, 2019 6:06 pm

IDIOTS GUIDE TO Reshade2 3.41 Install and configuration
By Praxxius

1-On the SWG Launcher click settings

2-scroll all the way down and click download reshade2

3- Take all of the files in the .zip folder that downlOAds <including the .rar and drop it into your main SWG game folder.Usually found at
"C:\Program Files (x86)\StarWarsGalaxies/"

3- go into your main SWG folder. find the SWG Reshade_v_3_4.rar and open it.

4- transfer ILM 3.ini and the folder reshade-shaders in it to main Star Wars Galaxies folder

5- now run the file
found in your main SWG Folder

6- on the Pop up select the file SwgClient_r.exe

7- select directx10+ unless you a re running linux or Apple OS
when it asks if you want to overwrite the existing files select yes

8- on the new pop up asking to download files from github. answer yes. and check all of the boxes. so you can have all options available in SWG.

9- this will be the hardest step
select edit settings.
make sure your preset is set to ILM3 and targeting your main SWG folder and ILM such as
C:\Program Files (x86)\StarWarsGalaxies\ILM 3.ini

effects path should be targeting reshade-shaders\shaders folder in main SWG folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\StarWarsGalaxies\reshade-shaders\Shaders

textures should be targeting reshade-shaders\Textures folder in min SWG folder
C:\Program Files (x86)\StarWarsGalaxies\reshade-shaders\Textures

select where you want screenshots to be saved. it can be anywhere you want. preferably a folder called Screenshots in SWG main directory.
or make a folder on your desktop and target it. i used the following path

and edit any other option such as show fps or clock or tutorial.
<you can change these in game>

10- Now run SWGClient_r,exe as administrator. by right clicking on it and selecting run as administrator.
The game may take a bit to load initially. Its remapping stuff. loading in new files. give it a minute or 2.
When the game loads it should look completely different. the flash screen and character screen will load with an ILM logo. if you do not see these. you did something wrong.

Now i recommend loading a character in a lower population such as in your house, or away from Mos Eisely give you a chance o edit settings with out all th extra CPU and GPU stress. Let the character load all the way and all visual items load. Mine took a couple minutes and i run a 4 core processor and a Nvidia 1050TI Card. Be patient.

11- hit Shift+F2 to open the ILM menu.
it may do a tutorial. if not. don't stress it .we will do basic best settings now.

12- on settings make sure you are in configure mode
then select the home tab There should be a huge list of items you can check or uncheck. i will go through a few of these and what they do as far as i can figure. <not all>
and tell you a good basic start point. even with nothing selected you will see major graphical improvements.

on the list you may have more than i do or less depending on if you checked everything in the white box on install. this is what i have on initial startup selected:

Adaptive Sharpen.- Sharpens up close details such as the ground ect.

HDR<fake HDR>- this cleans up images and a few colors. but if you are not on a high powered pc you may wanna turn this one off as it is hard on GPU. if you are on a laptop that is not specifically a gaming one, TURN THIS OFF NOW

Levels-adjust some lighting levels. makes dark colors darker. and removes over exposure. <caused a guild member to recolor his armor as it was overly dark afterwords it was <as black as hell>

LumaSharpen-Sharpens up some textures. not a lot. this one is optional.

Colorfullness- <optional> i use it as it gives the game more vibrant color. This is a taste option. i personally like it.

Mode3- all three of this are incremental sharpness improvements, use them as desired. i consider them a huge improvement.

NightVisoopn <leave unchecked> i programmed a hot key. this is a visual overlay they looks like you are wearing green NVG Goggles. i set a binding to CTRL+N

HQ4x-<optional> A 4k Rendering overlay. smooths edges ect. <if you do not have a 4k monitor it makes game blurry>

UI Detect-<Mandatory> Lets ILM read you ui and adjust it
UI Detect Before-
UI detect after - these read info from your ui and make some slight adjustments.

Vignette- lowers some of the brightness and cleans up overshadowing and over exposure.

That's it. you may have to lower in game brightness now. i set mine to 75% as all the new textures brightened the game and made it more lively.

Have fun. play with other adjustments until you get exactly what you like. the system is very robust and you can change all kinds of colors,lights, ect. and hs some col overlays to make the game grey scale, or look like playing on an old crtv <fallout 4 look> ect.

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